With Ducros, Customary adds more spice to your life!

Herbs, peppers, spices and above all lots of ideas for using them!

With Père Ducros, make each meal a real taste experience!

So, on Facebook, you can say that Père Ducros has really rolled up his sleeves! Every day, there is a wealth of ideas for combinations, recipes, flavours … all of them opportunities to use Ducros products to spice up your life!


Thanks to an editorial approach featuring the person of the famous Père Ducros, the brand introduces its products into the everyday lives of its customers with their full collusion.



Over 200,000 fans who look forward to new cooking ideas!

A brand which establishes its products in everyday and long-term habits

Number of opt-ins recruited for the CRM : 30 471 thousand registered with the CRM

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